What We're Doing ...

Member Education
Though AMRM hosts various seminars, members are also encouraged to reach out to AIIM and ARMA for educational opportunities in the information management and governance fields.

AMRM continues to grow, primarily through word of mouth and board mail-out recruitments. Each member brings critical contributions to help meet AMRM's vision, mission and goals. Should you be talking to employees of neighboring municipalities, be sure to mention AMRM, the greater our foundation, the more value we can offer to our membership as a whole.

An Alberta Municipal Records Management Standardization Committee is officially in development, with the primary goal of standardizing records management practices in Alberta municipalities. Formal kick-off is scheduled for January 2018.

Our Story ...

AMRM (The Alberta Municipal Records Management Association) was founded in 2010 by two Records Managers, Emily Speight and Lisa Rangen, after recognizing a platform need for increased awareness, support, and compliance in records management practices throughout Alberta municipalities.

The idea for AMRM was spurred through tours of four Alberta County records management programs in June 2010. These tours were arranged as a means to discover successful solutions which could be applied within our respective offices, however, it became quickly apparent we were not alone in our struggles to reach compliance. Reaching out further to additional municipalities, it was clear municipal records management programs were generally under-supported and poorly accepted (if they existed at all). Records Management in Alberta municipal government needed a stronger voice, and in response, AMRM was born! The first AMRM seminar was hosted by Red Deer County in September 2010.

Having a dedicated information management position is a relatively new concept in many Alberta municipalities. As the role of the municipal records manager continues to evolve, alongside information technologies, the need to establish and maintain compliance is increasingly recognized and supported. AMRM aims to further build recognition of information management and governance as an integral component of successful operations, understanding organizational effectiveness may be compromised without it.

In order to fully realize the benefits, and support organizational compliance, all information management and governance stakeholders may benefit from membership in AMRM - this includes Records Management, Information Technology, Information Security, Risk Management, Legal, Compliance, and all organizational Business Units. The intent of AMRM is to provide a foundation for success, empowering municipal information management and governance programs to build upon each others successes, and learn from each others failures, effectively supporting increased information management awareness and compliance throughout all levels of Alberta municipal government.

As of August 2017, our membership boasts over 130 members from 86 Alberta municipalities; that number continues to steadily climb.